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The Story Behind Agroplasma!

Agroplasma was founded in 1983 in Malaga, Spain. The company specialized in algae, bacteria cultivation, plant extracting, organic formulations and algae-based organic liquid soluble fertilizers.

After meeting with Hans Berglund in late 2003, Agroplasma Inc.® was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona by Hans Berglund in 2004. Starting off with Ferticell® Universal™, the product line quickly expanded into Potassium 0-0-28, Seeds 6-0-0, & Calcium 7-0-0. (All no longer registered for use)

Soon after, we added the first calcium carbonate fertilizer at 28%, the highest calcium fertilizer analysis available.

In 2009, Agroplasma moved to Phoenix, finding traction in the organic berry market, developing many new accounts with direct to grower sales with our organic liquid soluble fertilizers.

Developing new products and increasing product and customer service quality helped push the Ferticell® brand into new fields and even more acreage.

In 2012, Agroplasma launched Explorer™ Plant Protein Nitrogen 13-0-0 in California and Washington, registering it for certified organic use with WSDA, the first plant protein nitrogen ever to be registered as an organic nitrogen fertilizer source.

Jumping forward, at the end of 2015, after listening to grower input we cut Calcium 880™ (28% calcium carbonate) from our organic roster and replaced it with a better flowing, easier to use 25% carbonate called Ferticell® Calcium 880Plus™, allowing for better nutrient uptake, while keeping the moniker as the highest calcium organic fertilizer available.

In late 2016 Agroplasma Inc.® moved strictly to bulk distribution signing several high-volume ag suppliers. Doubling down on our focus of high-quality organic liquid soluble fertilizers and dry fertilizers, we added 7 new organic products to our product lineup including the first plant-derived organic potassium source.

Today, we are represented by some of the best agriculture distributors in over 30 states. We sell 13 fertilizers, approved for organic crop production along with several others in the pipeline for 2019 including Ferticell® Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0. We look forward to continue our unparalleled customer service and product support and hope you will trust us in your organic fertility program.