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Joe Rasnic, Sales Representative for Agroplasma Inc.® in the Midwest was recently invited to be a part of the Colorado Ag Leadership Council. The focus of CALP is to develop and enhance the leadership capabilities of diverse men coloradoagleadersand women committed to the future of Colorado’s agricultural and rural communities. Coaxing a living from the land, providing rural community products and services, agricultural and rural people have significantly contributed to Colorado’s tapestry.  CALP enriches this culture through a hands-on, interactive program dedicated to producing graduates with the vision and commitment to lead change and ensure the sustainability of Colorado’s agricultural economies and rural communities. Here is an interview with Damian Mason and Justin Lewton regarding the program and other business in Ag.

From Damian:

“Colorado Agriculture is either a crucible to predict what’s coming for the rest of us, or an anomaly we’ll all just witness from afar. The state has water issues, lots of suburban anti-Agriculture sentiment, and a burgeoning hemp industry.  (Remember, Colorado was fast out of the chute on marijuana legalization.)  I sat down with Justin Lewton of Lewton Farms and Joe Rasnic of Agroplasma, Inc to discuss all those issues and more.  Justin and Joe are two young Ag professionals enrolled in the Colorado Ag Leadership Program.  They explain the Agleadership program then we talk business.  Join the conversation and you’ll learn about large scale farming in Denver’s shadow, organic Ag, and the growth of hemp.” Click here to follow Damian’s Podcast, The Business of Agriculture