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The Story Behind Agroplasma, Inc.

Agroplasma USA is a sustainable and organic fertilizer supplier based in Tempe, Arizona. At the beginning of 2004, Hans Berglund started Agroplasma Inc.® in North America, becoming the exclusive sustainable and organic fertilizer supplier of Ferticell®, Europe’s leading line of plant nutrients for commercial agriculture.

Agroplasma S.L.(Europe) has been in business for over 3 decades, combining unique, proprietary technologies with some of the most unique, high-quality inputs available across the globe.

In 1983 Agroplasma unveiled Universal, the main product of Ferticell®, now known as Ferticell® Universal 0-0-1.

Each year, Agroplasma brings new products to the organic fertilizer market, revolutionizing the organic and conventional agriculture industry.

We carry 13 certified for organic use products currently registered in over 30 states across the United States like Ferticell® Explorer 16-0-0 or the Active NPK Organic product series, and more in the pipeline.

Ferticell® has become a household name by developing products for not only plant health, but the improvement, desalination, and decontamination of soils.

Our focus is on the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality fertilizer products unparalleled to any other organic fertilizer supplier.

The Ferticell® product line is based on different types of algae extracts, bacteria and natural extracts of plants, seeds, and minerals.

We incorporate the latest technologies available within the disciplines of microbiology, chemistry, and industrial processing.

Our products contain no animal by-products to produce any Ferticell® materials. We encourage you to learn more about Ferticell® Technology! Examples would be the first soy protein hydrolysate organic Nitrogen or the first plant-based Potassium fertilizer. Both products are revolutionary to our industry and can only be found under the Ferticell® logo.

We sell directly through distribution to agriculture retailers in over 30 states across the country.