Ferticell Products

Ferticell Universal
Phytohormone product composed of freshwater algae extracts. Excellent for promoting growth and vigor in all crops. Read details

Ferticell Calcium 880
28% liquid calcium paired with phytohormone to increase the rate of assimilation into the plant tissues and fruit. Particle size less than 1 micron increases surface for maximum absorption. Read details

Absolute Acid
Combination of two unique, weak organic acids designed to work on all salts, including sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, etc. Reacts with calcium to increase the mobility and also helps improve the efficiency of phosphate applications. Read details

Ferticell Explorer Plant Nitrogen
13% Protein Nitrogen content contains 40% carbon 100% Water soluble which will not leach from most soils. Read details

Ferticell Nutri-Plus
Plant extracted amino acid package paired with freshwater algae extracts for superior plant availability. Biostimulant with 3% organic protein nitrogen. Read details

Ferticell Microelements
Liquid micronutrient package with added algae extract for increased absorption.Micronutrients are chelated with plant extracted amino acids to help with the mobility of nutrients.
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