The Story Behind Agroplasma, Inc.

Agroplasma, Inc.® was started in North America by Hans Berglund in early 2004. The company became the exclusive distributor of Europe’s leading algae-based liquid plant nutrition supplements.
The brand name is Ferticell®, and today the Ferticell® product line remains the foundation of our company. The main product, Ferticell® Universal was developed in Europe more than 25 years ago and has been successfully sold in many countries. The Ferticell® product line is now a reality in the U.S.

Agroplasma Europe has more than 25 years of experience in the agricultural sector, developing products for the improvement, desalination, and decontamination of soils.
At the present time, our focus has been on the manufacturing and distribution of high quality products. Developing effective products for ecological and conventional agriculture, gardening, and environmental health has remained our focus.

Our research and development focus is on the creation of conventional and organic fertilizers, amino acids, and correctors. The Ferticell® products are based on different types of unicellular algae, bacteria and natural extracts of plants, seeds, and minerals. We incorporate the latest technologies available within the disciplines of microbiology, chemistry, and industrial processing. We encourage you to learn more about how Ferticell® works!

Agroplasma is a cutting-edge company that has been adapting to the changes created by new discovery, in order to manage a competitive organization that allows us to create a wide selection of products to meet our client’s current and future needs.

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Agroplasma, Inc.
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Tempe, AZ 85283
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Phone: (480) 361-1300
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